Dionne Blaize is poised to make you dance to her tune “Green Light”

With mesmerising vocals, a hint of rhythm & blues and an electrifying dancefloor ready instrumental, “Green Light” has all the required ingredients to make anybody dance. The vocals are rich and well mixed into the instrumental, with catchy lyrics and hooks while the instrumental brings to the table much needed energy and some extra electronic […]

Sabiani takes us on an unique journey with his album ” Hyphae + Mycelia” on Digital Paradox Records

With diverse styles such as tech house, breakbeat, downtempo and more, Sabiani’s album delivers an unique musical experience and vibe. Although the tunes of the album span across several genres, the whole album has a common cohesive theme and sound, the producer making use of several trademark techniques and synths to give the whole album […]

Saladin brings a killer bass EP on Phunk Junk Records with “Fist of Bass”

With sounds ranging from brazilian bass, dubstep, bass house and even breakbeat, Saladin impresses with the variety and quality on his latest EP. Each track features a distinct vibe and approach but at the same time they all have a cohesive overall sound and feel like a whole put together, creating a powerful and unique […]

Unique fusion of sounds and styles this Halloween on The Lord’s latest release “FERAL”

Making use of a booming trap beat, sick eerie atmospheres and unique sounddesign, The Lord created a perfect Halloween themed tune with his latest track. Debuting with a scary atmosphere and dialogue, the tune follows up with a short house section, giving the track further variety, and then, after a short build, it descends into […]

InfAmuz impresses with his latest blend of deep house and dance “The Light”

With sweet vocals, a retro synth for the main lead melody and a powerful bass-infused atmosphere, InfAmuz’s latest release is one of those tunes which take you on a journey throughout. The vocals add a nice touch to the whole tune giving it further depth and making it more interesting while the energy is ensured […]

Sweet deep house vibes on TLUXX’s latest release on Eyes on You entitled “Electric Ecstasy”

With sweet vocals, typical deep house chord stabs, pianos and a driving groove for the dancefloors, “Electric Ecstasy” has all the ingredients to cook up a perfect dancefloor deep house tune. Making use of variations in the drumbeat and different elements such as vocal chops alternating with the female vocals, the tune stays interesting and […]

Don Diablo played this great future house pearl by Bertello & Neil Bronson for a reason!

Bertello & Neil Bronson teamed up to deliver you a groovy and warm future house record called ‘Summer Vibes’. And this futuresque tune has everything you expect from a great floor-pleaser: massive synths with emotional melodies, sweet vocals and of course a pumping groove! The summer is still here with our new record. This tune […]