Desert Dwellers + Kalya Scintilla Take Asheville Downtown & Downtempo

New Mountain Asheville hosted the Earth Heart Tour featuring Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, and MerKaba & Eve Olution for two back-to-back nights of ethereal, transcendental performances. The first night, Saturday November 14, focused on uptempo tribal trance starting with the Desert Dwellers set flowing into MerKaba & Eve Olution. The following evening of music, which I attended, included the down and mid-tempo sounds of Antandra, Numatik, Desert Dwellers, and Kalya Scintilla. Accompanying the musical artistry, live painters, flow performers, and mind-melting visuals were icing on the cake. On Sunday night the music started around 8:30 with solo producer and world

The Chainsmokers – Skyway Theater

The Friend Zone Tour is no doubt a mental experience. Opening up the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis Louis the Child, Shawn Frank and Matoma set the bouncy, euphoric house party-in-heaven vibes warming up the crowd flawlessly for the piece de resistance, The Full Monte. The Chainsmokers set, dipping its toes in many genres, complete with confetti and plenty of co2 was a non stop boisterously engaging way to complete the night. The crowd that this tour draws is one of the friendliest I’ve been a part of maintaining a distinctly ecstatic vibe that’s hard not to get lost in. Keep

Borgore x G-Eazy x Styles&Complete- Forbes (Exit Twelve Remix)

Isn’t it weird how superstar DJ’s are just getting younger and younger these days? Dawson, a.k.a Exit Twelve is a fifteen year old producer with some SERIOUS talent. I was casually sitting on my computer, because that’s all we writers ever do, and a little Facebook message pops up asking me to check out the track. I mean, I’ve stumbled on some diamonds in the rough, but I didn’t think a gem like this would find me. If the kid can make this sort of track now, his future is very, very bright. Check out the remix below! You can

Tonal Law – Woah! (Original Mix)

2015 has had quite its share of genre surges, and one of them (which I think my personal favorite), is Bass House. With that being said, I think you can guess what UK producer Tonal Law’s newest release on Uprise Records might be. The track knocks; it takes a variety of different bass sounds, and throws them all over your dance floor beat. If there was ever a song to headbang and shuffle to, this would be it. Enjoy the free download below! You can follow Tonal Law on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Tigerlily – Feel The Love ft. Nat Dunn (Nemø Remix) [EDM Sauce Premiere]

Finding his love for music at a young age, Australian DJ/Producer NEMO made his mark in the club scene with his all things bass mentality. Showing love for fellow Land Down Under producer Tigerlily, NEMO tackles remixing her hit “Feel The Love”. Released in a remix package alongside Gazzo and David Gravell, the 21-year-olds remix stands out transforming the big room festival joint into a heavy bass wobbling smash. Exclusively premiered here, stream below enjoy!

I.Y.F.F.E- Beats On Fire (Original Mix)

The Brazilian bass artist has long been established as an EDMSauce favorite, and his newest track “Beats On Fire” is the perfect representation of why. The sound design is as refreshing as it is heavy, and trust me this one is really heavy. In two weeks this track has gained over three hundred thousand plays, and it comes as no surprise to me. I.Y.F.F.E is going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2016. You can support the track on iTunes or Beatport today! Follow I.Y.F.F.E on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Zoogma – Molasses [Free DL]

Zoogma has a really cool and unique sound going for them. Tying together acoustic / live instrumentaion with a forward thinking electronic production style, “Molasses” is a raw new single that’s well worth checking out. The Nashville/Atlanta group releases the audio for SC as well as a dope video that show’s how exactly they play all this live. Check it out along w/ a quote from the guys on their craft! – enjoy! ​”Music is often like a time capsule. Listening to different records may remind us of specific place in time. It can often take you back to a


This mix is fuego. Whipped Cream cooked up a fresh 30 minute playlist of some of her favorite recent tunes. According to the soundcloud info, this is a new mix series ‘which showcases artists in a 30 on 30 mix session – expect a range in different vibes each month as WHIPPED CREAM will play to vibe with the artist chosen! Pretty cool stuff, check it out below now. Tracklist: REZZ-PLAGUE ITGMA- INSTANTPARTY! SNAILS-FROGBASS CHIEF -GREX RMX ATLIENS X PARTY THĮEVES – CHIEF RL GRIME – HEARD ME LA TARTINE – VYBZ NIYKEE HEATON – FAWKS RMX DR FRESH RMX

Thomas Jack & SNBRN Party Too Hard at USC & Get Shut Down by Cops

Last night Thomas Jack and SNBRN threw down at USC, one of the largest party schools in the country. After a couple hours of raging, the LAPD came to shut the party down due to the turn up being a little to lively for a Wednesday night. Appertly the show was overwhemingly packed but luckily nobody was arrested, the show was just forced to end. If a pop up event like this had this much of an impact at a college frat, imagine how fun the shows that are actually allowed to go on (at venues) will be. Pick up