Big Grams & Skrillex – Drum Machine (Naderi Remix)

Anonymous Australian producer, Naderi, has been pumping out some heavy remixes lately and his most recent release does not disappoint. This remix of Big Grams and Skrillex’s banger, Drum Machine, is a welcome take on the trap tack. With sporadic vocal samples and bouncing percussion, you’ll definitely have a good time listening to this one.

Mat Zo Breaks Free With New Album Self Assemble (Album Review)

It’s not easy to define Mat Zo anymore. The man that entered the scene as a trance music prodigy has grown into one of the most fearless producers in the game and his outspoken nature has made him a prolific figure in the EDM media as well. From numerous twitter beefs to his rants concerning ghost producers and industry drama, Mat Zo has always managed to generate excitement. Now with the release of his sophomore album, Self Assemble, Mat reminds us why he’s gotten so far and highlights his sporadic, no rules style in a short, sweet, and satisfying package. While the album

Ellie Goulding Confirms Her Collaboration With Calvin Harris

Time after time, Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris seem to be a match made in heaven, musically speaking of course. During a conversation with The Guardian, Ellie Goulding let it slip that she and Calvin Harris have recorded a new song together. While she won’t divulge its title yet, she mentioned to The Guardian “that’s all you’re getting” for the time being. While we await for their new track, listen to both of Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris’ collaborations below: Source

Deadmau5 Announces His Retirement For April Fools

Earlier this week, Avicii announced his plans to retire later this year. The dance music community reacted to the news and thanked Avicii for all he’s done in the industry. Deadmau5 on the other hand decided to troll. To continue his troll, Deadmau5 decided to post his heartfelt retirement note as well. Keeping in line with April 1st, Deadmau5 decided to basically copy/paste everything from Avicii’s retirement note. Like Avicii, Deadmau5 provided a number to call which apparently isn’t working. Check out Deadmau5’s April Fools prank below: Source

Electric Zoo, Spring Awakening, Mamby on The Beach lineups leaked in SFX court documents!

As we all know, SFX filed for bankruptcy on February 1st and now it’s undergoing huge restructuring. Recently, after a court hearing, a few legal documents were unveiled to the public and it looks like through these papers, partial lineups for festivals such as Electric Zoo, Spring Awakening, Mamby on The Beach were leaked. Apparently, […]

Kygo unveils a new single from his forthcoming album “Cloud Nine”!

A few weeks ago, Kygo finally revealed the release date for his debut album “Cloud Nine”, which was May 13th. Now, as fans are anxiously awaiting for his new production to be out, the music producer has decided to ease their anticipation, as he has just unveiled a new single, entitled “Raging”. This release was […]