Zedd Releases His Highly Anticipated Remix Of Shawn Mendes’ ‘Lost In Japan’

Last week Zedd took to Twitter to tease his upcoming official remix for Shawn Mendes‘ track, ‘Lost In Japan‘. While the clip was brief and barely showed even a full chord progression, fans immediately exclaimed their excitement. It seemed that Zedd has once again flawlessly combined his signature accessible electronic style with one of the

Zedd Announces His Remix Of Shawn Mendes’ “Lost In Japan” Is Due Out Friday [LISTEN]

Zedd has had no shortage of success in 2018. While over the past few years the world-renowned producer has been working more in the realm of pop than pure EDM, Zedd has time, and time again proven he can craft an infectious melody arguably better than anyone else. While Zedd has made accumulating thousands of

Zedd Sparks Excitement Around Possible Katy Perry Collaboration In New Video

Zedd is known for his ability to work alongside mainstream pop stars to create massive radio anthems. His accessible sound mixed with star power from key vocalists has helped said achieve radio hit after radio hit in recent years. In a recap video for …

Zedd and Elley Duhé release the official music video for their collab, “Happy Now”!

After teasing the track during his massive Zedd in the Park event, Zedd decided to officially release his collab with Elley Duhé, “Happy Now” about a month ago. The track was received pretty well by fans from all over the world, having already gathered more than 48 million streams on Spotify alone. Now, the music producer […]