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13. Juni 2018 Aus

Zedd Announces That His New Single Is Finished

Von Scott Freedom

Zedd has had a tumultuous few days. After getting involved in a Twitter beef between Diplo and Max Vangeli, Zedd decided to clear out distraction and block the party on the offensive. It appears that he made good use of his time. While the other artist…

26. April 2018 Aus

Marshmello Clears The Air About Suspected Beef With Zedd

Von Scott Freedom

Twitter arguments and high profile “beefs” in the world of dance music are a dime a dozen it seems. These usually occur among a handful of artists who many fans have come to know as outspoken on social media platforms (cough, cough Rob Swire). But today people were freaking out trying to determine what the

13. Februar 2018 Aus

Zedd’s Latest Single, ‘The Middle’, Is Taking Over US Radio Stations

Von Scott Freedom

Zedd has undoubtedly gotten the formula down for a smash radio hit. His past collaborations with the likes of Ariana Grande and Alessia Cara both ruled the airwaves upon their release. The latter entitled ‘Stay‘ even got him a Grammy nomination for best pop duo. Now his latest crossover anthem, ‘The Middle‘, is seeing a

22. Januar 2018 Aus

Zedds New Collaboration With Grey Is Dropping This Week

Von Scott Freedom

Zedd teased fans with cover art late last week of his new single – at that time it was literally the only thing we had to go off of. Since though Zedd has announced the name of the track and the collaborators on board with the project. The biggest shock is that the tune is