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22. Juni 2017 Aus

Fan jumps on stage to try and take a selfie with Martin Garrix!

Von Scott Freedom

Recently, at Belsonic Music Festival, an unidentified fan jumped up on stage to try and take a selfie with Martin Garrix and he would have probably made his dreams come true, if it weren’t for the security guards who were quick to stop him as soon as he was about to snap a pic. You can […]

11. Oktober 2016 Aus

Saturday College Game Day Picks Features the Chainsmokers

Von Scott Freedom

This weekends edition of #SaturdaySelections was slightly different. The guest stars, the Chainsmokers. As if you can’t hear these guys enough on the radio they are now showing up on daytime tv. Lee Corso was enamored with this duo and he even took a selfie with Alex and Andrew. Many of their college football picks were based

30. September 2016 Aus

This Fan Theory Of The Chainsmokers’ Songs Sounds Legitimate

Von Scott Freedom

The Reddit user by the name /u/pmgroundhog has come up with the theory that all of The Chainsmokers’ songs is one big story. He writes: Selfie: (Presumed guy and girl) take selfies before a party Kanye: Drinking and feeling like the top of the world master of their lives Let you go: The girl first

20. April 2016 Aus

Diplo Tosses Girl’s Phone Into Crowd After Trying To Take a Selfie

Von Scott Freedom

When Diplo invites you on stage, we recommend that you don’t try and take a selfie with him. The girl in the video below learned the hard way. Diplo threw some girls phone who got on stage and tried taking a selfie 💀 pic.twitter.com/QCB4MufAIZ — WORLDSTARHIPHOP (@WORLDSTAR) April 15, 2016 As soon as Diplo saw the cellphone came out Diplo said “Oh, get out of here, get out of here.” As the girl continued to try and get the million dollar shot, Diplo grabbed the phone, said “who wants that cell phone” and tossed it into the crowd. Luckily it