The Glitch Mob Offers Their Discography For $20, All Proceeds Go To Benefiting California Wildfire Victims

Over the last few weeks, California has been ravaged by wildfires. These fires have stemmed from an unbelievably dry year for America’s left coast. Thousands have lost their homes, even more, have been (at least) temporarily displaced. It is truly a cr…

Deathpact Releases Fiery Remix Of Odesza’s ‘Loyal’, Does This Track Hint At The Producer’s True Identity?

Deathpact has been one of the most exciting aspects in all of dance music in 2018. The masked producer has broken onto the scene with a series of dark, twisted and powerful bass house and distorted tech-house. In their latest release, Deathpact has remixed Odesza’s powerhouse new record, ‘Loyal‘. The remix is everything that one

The Chainsmokers Reveal Their Top 5 EDM Tracks Of All Time, And They’re Pretty Spot On

A few weeks back a thread emerged on /r/EDM discussing the best dance music songs of all time. The thread was a pretty enjoyable walk down memory lane and classics from all genres were discussed. One genre took the top spot in terms of votes for the best EDM songs of all time – progressive

Gesaffelstein Teases New Music With Cryptic Video, But Wait Until You Hear The Clip In Reverse…

Last week GESAFFELSTEIN left the world shook when a series of billboards around Paris and Los Angeles gave way to updated social media profiles. It appeared that the industrial legend was back to releasing new music. As if his monsterous presence wasn’t enough, GESAFFELSTEIN doubled down by teasing new music on his social media. But

Snails announces new EP “Slimeageddon”

Snails is on fire this year. He has released numerous collabs, started his own label, currently is on tour and just announced his new EP “Slimeageddon”. Snails went to Twitter saying he’s put “so much work and time into this project”. Snails is a self-proclaimed “vomitstep” DJ and brings a hard sound to his tracks that make

SnowGlobe Music Festival Purchased By MTV Who Announces Massive Expansion Plans With Additional Locations

As dance music continues to grow in popularity among the mainstream population of the United States, major media entities are continuing to show interest in the once niche industry. Today, MTV has announced it is expanding its reach in global events by…

BREAKING: Swedish House Mafia Posters Appear In Tel Aviv As Their Countdown Clock Pushes On

Swedish House Mafia has 4 confirmed shows so far, in two cities for their 2019 tour. The trio will perform three dates in Stockholm, and one in Mexico City. That being said, the countdown clock on their website ticks on, indicating that another tour an…