Area51 impresses with a sick trap flip to LOAA’s “Amuse” on Barabass Records

With a sick ethereal breakdown and build-up and a killer hybrid trap drop, Area51’s latest flip is the perfect recipe for any festival set or bass music lover. The bass is deep and powerful thanks to an excellent 808 sub and the drop features an excellent mixture between the percussive elements and the specific hybrid […]

Lethal Princess pushes the boundaries of genre blending with her latest release “Dancing in the Rain”

Featuring a wide variety of leads, plucks and vocal chops, Lethal Princess has created an unique blend of sounds on her latest release, an interesting experimental electronic track borrowing elements from electro, bigroom house and trance alike. The transitions are surprising and the track is diverse, alternating and switching between sections at a fast pace, […]

Andy North brings sweet progressive house vibes on his latest release “This is Love”

A great blend of happy tropical vibes and energetic mainstage progressive house, Andy North’s latest release has summer festival written all over it. Featuring a couple of happy sweet melodies playing all throughout the track with diverse instruments and articulations, the tune feels cohesive but not repetitive at all at the same time. Smooth transitions […]

Zovah will send you on a ride with his latest atmospheric trap tune “FVDED”

Focusing on powerful 808’s and an atmospheric vibe through the use of pads and characteristic leads, “FVDED” seems to be one of those trap tune oriented on delivering a certain vibe and mood to the listener rather than being a festival banger. The drums are really well executed, creating a nice foundation for the leads […]

SWACQ turns Karel & XoJani’s tune into a future bass anthem with his latest remix of “Dancing”

Mixing together the beautiful vocals of the original with guitar chords and a happy future bass drop, SWACQ’s remix of “Dancing” fuses together the best of both pop and EDM worlds into this excellent remix, perfect for both radio play and clubs alike. The drops are groovy with a rolling bassline and a lead morphed […]

ZABO drops a mesmerising mixture of orchestral and hard synths with his latest tune “Crusade”

Fusing together orchestral strings and dark minimalist basslines on the mid-tempo drops of the tune, ZABO managed to create a tune that feels fresh and unique and more than anything, has an unique atmosphere and vibe to it. The breakdowns are powerful and inspiring with the orchestral elements while the drops are hard and dirty, […]

Childish Gambino – This Is America (Jason Edward Remix)

Geomaticz refresh Shakedown’s tune “At Night” with his deep house spin on the track!

Featuring a summery uplifting pluck melody and the typical characteristic deep house bass, Geomaticz made great use of the original’s vocals to create a proper summer club tune with his edit. The melody is simple and catchy, alternating between a delay-infused pluck for a wider sound and piano chords. Groove is also great, thanks to […]

Estinex will lift you up with his latest progressive release “Sky High”

Mixing together groovy bass lines and explosive soaring leads, “Sky High” is an unique blend of progressive house and a bit of future house infused into the recipe. The breakdowns are smooth and have good atmosphere, the melodies building and introducing you into the atmosphere of the groovy drop. After a brilliantly executed build-up, the […]

Dylan Smith unleashes the festival feeling with his latest tune in collaboration with Raddix entitled “I Don’t Know”

Debuting with an ethereal vibe on the verse thanks to the slightly vocoded vocals and the mystic vocal pads and bell arpeggios and hits, the tune doesn’t waste any time and soon starts building energy with a powerful build-up before descending into a festival-ready progressive drop. The energy is peaking all over the drop thanks […]

Saladin just dropped his latest house tune “Plaztik” and it’s groovy!

With a groovy and powerful drop powered by a future house sounding stab melody, vocal shots and excellent percussion and drumwork, “Plaztik” doesn’t disappoint one bit. The breakdown features a more atmospheric vibe thanks to the mellow pads in the background and the slow break beat. The transitions are fresh and interesting, the second drop […]