Deadmau5 drops official music video for his latest collaboration with Rob Swire, “Monophobia”!

A few days ago, Deadmau5 returned with some new music, in the form of a brand new EP, called “Mouseville: Level 1”. On the production, the music producer featured collaborations with many amazing artists, including with Rob Swire, a single that has been highly awaited by many fans. Well, it looks like now, the two […]

Deadmau5 Shares Easily One Of The Weirdest Music Videos Ever For – ‘Monophobia’ (ft. Rob Swire)

Dance music is kind of known for its bizarre music videos. If you doubt that go check out Aphex Twin’s ‘Window Licker‘ or Duck Sauce’s ‘Big Bad Wolf‘. Trust me, go ahead, I’ll wait. Back? Okay good. Now that you are up to speed with the bizarre world of EDM music videos, we dive into