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4. Januar 2016 Aus

The Best Dance Music Album of 2015 [Reader Poll Results]

Von Scott Freedom

As asked our readers back on December 15th to vote for their favorite dance music albums for the 2015 year. Year after year, we love seeing what our readers are listening to, so this year it was only fitting to end 2015 by asking you what your favorite dance music album for the year was. While some of the results were expected, like Zedd’s ‘True Colors’ and Skrillex and Diplo’s ‘Jack ü,’ the winner for the 2015 year did happen to surprise us. With over 27,000 total votes, here are the results for best dance music albums of 2015… #10.

16. Dezember 2015 Aus

Vote For The Best Dance Music Album of 2015

Von Scott Freedom

Last year, thousands of people voted for their favorite dance music album for 2014. Now is time to vote for your favorite album of the 2015 year. Was it Jack ü’s hit new album or possibly Zedd’s ‘True Colors?’ Show your support for your favorite albums below by controlling the charts yourself. Give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the channels of your choosing! If you don’t see an album listed, please make a comment and once your comment hits 5 likes, we will add it to the list. Voting Ends: December 30th! Ranker – Top 10 Lists and