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5. September 2017 Aus

Daily Holla – the HYPERCOLOUR collection

Von Scott Freedom

Today I present a new six-track ep from Australian producer Daily Holla, which also comes with an accompanying music video for his latest single, “Footsteps”. The experimental new release wades back and forth between genres, and it is a beautiful thing. I enjoy not being able to put my finger tip on the exact sound

7. März 2017 Aus

Daily Holla – Waves (feat. J Fitz)

Von Scott Freedom

The second single, “Waves,” from Daily Holla’s highly anticipated upcoming EP — “the HYPERCOLOUR collection” — casts a spell with a mesmerizing arpeggio as sweeping synths pulsate and are carried by heavy, dynamic drums and crunchy electric guitar riffs. To complement the track’s multifaceted style, J Fitz’s soulful vocals are appealing in their authenticity. Pioneering