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19. Juli 2016 Aus

Kill The Noise Chimes in on Getter VS. Cymatics Feud

Von Scott Freedom

As you have probably seen within the last week, Getter called out sample pack Company ‘Cymatics’ for ripping off three of his tracks. The tracks in question include Getter’s remix of Brillz & Ghastly’s “Hawt“, a remix of“Mine” by Kill the Noise, and Getter’s original track “Rip n Dip”.   Most recently, Kill the Noise has finally released a statement on his Facebook page, giving the the sample pack company a piece of his mind. Check it out below: “ahem… at this point its become a tiresome argument, but I wanted to make a couple points clear… there’s been some back

12. Juli 2016 Aus

Getter Calls Out Cymatics For Selling Ripped Off Versions of His Songs

Von Scott Freedom

Getter has just called out the sample pack company Cymatics for what seems to be some pretty shady business operations. The dubstep producer Getter was being called out on social media for allegedly copying Cymatics’ Ableton project. Getter responded by saying that Cymatics copied his songs and released them via sample packs on their website without distributing credit or royalties to Getter. The songs in question include Getter’s remix of Brillz & Ghastly’s “Hawt”, Getter’s “Rip n Dip” and Getter’s remix of “Mine” by Kill The Noise.” lol people tellin me i copied the @CymaticsFM ableton project. BRO THATS MY