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8. Januar 2016 Aus

Crawn Shares His Musical Guilty Pleasures

Von Scott Freedom

With his latest single “The Boy Is Mine” currently doing the rounds. Crawn, or Anders Crawn as he is also known, has shared his top five musical guilty pleasures with us – check them out below. 1) Robert Miles – “Children” This song is one of the few trance-y songs I really like. Actually I only like the piano anthem in the song, but since I’m a big fan of electronic music, this one is definitely one of the songs I listen to the most. 2) Everything by Justin Bieber! I know a lot of people may think this is

4. Januar 2016 Aus

Crawn – The Boy Is Mine

Von Scott Freedom

Dropped over the festive season was the irresistible new single from Melbourne Bounce specialist Crawn, and it landed as a joint release from Universal Sweden and disco:wax. Titled “The Boy Is Mine” and cleverly layering in those divine, 90’s R&B vocals from Brandy and Monica, this tropical-edged slice of deep house is just dreamy. Lacing the melody with dynamic, catchy piano hooks and some tightly-knit percussion on the breakdown, Danish producer Crawn uses those original vocals to great effect, ensuring this one is strictly for the moments of chill. We’re all over this one – you can grab a copy