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30. Dezember 2016 Aus

Facebook to develop defence against unlicensed music

Von Scott Freedom

In another stride towards being a reliable and trustworthy source of content, Facebook is cracking down on unlicensed music. Amidst the “fake news” outbreak, cover music is being spotlighted as well. Following in the steps of other social media websites, the social media mogul Mark Zuckerburg and his team are working to formulate “a copyright

27. Mai 2016 Aus

Skrillex & Justin Bieber Being Sued for Copyright Infringement

Von Scott Freedom

In the last year or so, Justin Bieber has become as much apart of the EDM world as many producers who have dedicated their lives to dance music. Bieber was once down in the dumps and out of control, being more of a tabloid ploy than he was a pop star. However, he was taken under the wing of Diplo and Skrillex, who helped to perpetuate his so called “come back” and now he is back in the spotlight again. While many believe that Skrillex and Diplo only helped Bieber through collaborations on their Jack U album, what people don’t know is how much behind the scenes

4. April 2016 Aus

Deadmau5 files copyright infringement lawsuit against vape company!

Von Scott Freedom

On March 31st, Deadmau5 and his team filed a lawsuit against West Coast Vape Supply, where it is claimed that the company was benefiting off of Deadmau5, with their electronic cigarettes, that are called “deadmodz”. After receiving a cease and desist letter, the principal Alham Benyameen changed the design of the logo, seeing as the old […]

2. Dezember 2015 Aus

Majestic Casual’s YouTube Channel Has Been Reinstated

Von Scott Freedom

Earlier this month, the popular YouTube channel and music curator Majestic Casual was shut down due to multiple third-party claims of copyright infringements. As of November 30th, YouTube had reinstated Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel. Majestic Casual took to Facebook to say “Thank you all for the support the last couple of days!!”