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27. Mai 2019 Aus

Lowdown Loses ‘Control’ On Juicy New House Tune

Von Scott Freedom

Hot from the vibrant house scene down under, Lowdown debuts on Pinnacle Collective with “Control”, a techy house tune filled with energy and groove. “A full flex of sound design and groove that unites the underground with the main room.” – Lowdow…

18. Januar 2019 Aus

Gunnar Haslam to present modular synth workshop series in Brooklyn

Von Scott Freedom

The series will offer a basic working understanding of modular synthesizers. Let’s be honest here for a moment: modular synthesis is pretty damn confusing to almost anyone without a good working knowledge of modular synthesis. So how do you acquire that knowledge? Well, YouTube tutorials are a good start, but for some of us, seeing […]

31. Mai 2018 Aus

OIJ & Rochelle Share Their Musical Guilty Pleasures

Von Scott Freedom

Our thanks to both OIJ and Rochelle this week for sharing their Musical Guilty Pleasures with us. Having just created the wicked single “Control” together, we got in touch with both these talented artists to hear what makes them tick. Enjoy! OIJ 1) Bloodhound Gang – “Fire Water Burn” “One Fierce Beer Coaster” by Bloodhound