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25. Oktober 2017 Aus

EDM Sauce Interview with Insomniac’s, Bonnie X Clyde

Von Scott Freedom

DJ/Producers, Bonnie X Clyde, have really broken through the EDM Scene this upcoming year. From releasing their most popular single, Bass Jam, to being signed to one of the most popular record labels, Insomniac Recordings, this DJ duo has truly taken the world by storm. Bonnie X Clyde consists of two incredible artists; these artists

18. Oktober 2017 Aus

Bonnie X Clyde & Purge – Torn

Von Scott Freedom

Bonnie X Clyde return to the EDM scene with their latest single “Torn,” along with mysterious DJ duo, Purge. Bonnie X Clyde are popularly known for their bass-filled music and their catchy vocals. It is no surprise that this track is just the same. “Torn” is a lyrical track that speaks about the hidden emotions

14. Juli 2017 Aus

‘Flight From The Gold Sky’

Von Scott Freedom

After much anticipation since it was played at EDC Vegas 2017, it’s finally here! Titled, ‘Flight From The Gold Sky‘, this ingenious mashup by Adventure Club combines the unreleased Bonnie X Clyde remix of ‘Gold‘, with Johann Johannsson’s emotional piece, ‘Flight From The City‘. Bonnie X Clyde’s remix of the nostalgic hit adds vocoder effects to the vocals, and an energizing