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17. November 2018 Aus

Chris Varvaro Gives a Progressive House Spin to Aaron Marz & Davis Mallory’s track, “Lost.”

Von Scott Freedom

New Jersey-native DJ and producer, Chris Varvaro, who also goes by the alias Pursound, has unveiled his club-ready remix of Aaron Marz’s “Lost” featuring the country-style guided vocals of former MTV’s reality show “Real World: Denver,” and vocalist, Davis Mallory. The original version of “Lost” has already gained great success and this remix is no

5. April 2016 Aus

DVBBS Member Insults Kesha Over Her Rape Allegations

Von Scott Freedom

Chris from DVBBS may have just ruined his and his brothers’ music careers yesterday over a string of tweets insulting Kesha over her ongoing lawsuit with Dr. Luke and rightfully so. 2 years ago, Chris Van Den Hoef was arrested on charges of marijuana possession in Atlanta. Now DVBBS’ member Chris has taken on Kesha after her very public trial over allegations that one of her producers had sexually abused her. Chris began tweeting by stating he asked Kesha for a picture back in the day in which she said no to. He then states “She prob fucked Luke gladly