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6. November 2018 Aus

VAVO Unleashes Uplifting Experience With Original “Right Now”

Von Scott Freedom

With an ethereal and uplifting vibe, VAVO’s “Right Now” captivates listeners with buoyant melodies and evocative lyricism. The artists offer a refreshing blend of EDM and pop, utilizing an assortment of evocative sounds such as melodic brass stabs and percussive synths. Vocals courtesy of Caroline Kole tell living in the moment of love, adding a

4. November 2018 Aus

Vavo ft Caroline Kole – Right Now

Von Scott Freedom

DJ/production duo VAVO releases ‘Right Now‘ featuring Caroline Kole on October 23, an infectious ditty of one looking for that fast love. Made up of Alden Martin and Jesse Fischer, VAVO had been working together for over a year before they actually met in person. Based in the UK and Canada, the duo’s debut single,