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31. Mai 2018 Aus

Zedd Shares About How The Tesla Autopilot Functionality Saved His Life

Von Scott Freedom

Over the past year, Tesla has been in the news quite a bit for their Autopilot malfunctions. Just yesterday, a Tesla driver in Laguna Beach hit a parked police car while using his autopilot. Tesla responded by saying that customers must “maintain control of the vehicle at all times.” While the news continues to portray

19. Mai 2017 Aus

Getter’s Audi R8 Gets Wrapped and It Looks Incredible

Von Scott Freedom

When he’s not DJing and tearing up the stage, Getter is modifying his beautiful Audi R8. For Getter’s latest car modifications, Getter decided to have Impressive Wrap cover his Audi in Avery gloss dark grey and had Zito wheels installed. “Love it dude… Hell yeah!” Getter says. “About to skurrt on out of here, dude!”