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7. November 2017 Aus

Yuppycult & Billy Wonka Release Sweet New Single ‘Candy’

Von Scott Freedom

Two very talented producers, Yuppycult & Billy Wonka, recently came out with a vibe-filled and very chill single. Entitled ‘Candy‘, this track is an ambient and yet smooth track that will take you to another dimension. The song itself merges the sultry vocals of Chandler Leighton and the laid back rhythms of the track very

4. August 2017 Aus

Louis The Child, Thank You For “Candy”

Von Scott Freedom

This has me the most fired up I’ve been in awhile. This is what we live for as Music fans. Louis The Child, Thank you. I NEVER give out 5 stars. Never. Put it this way (trying to say this as politically correct as possible… If you rate an individual of the opposite sex a

20. Januar 2016 Aus

Haribo Drops DJ Inspired Themed Candy Line

Von Scott Freedom

Since the music boom of a few years ago, the entire world has attempted to cash in on the ever growing popularity that is electronic dance music. Well heres one that has definitely caught our eye over at EDMSauce, and that comes in the form of a DJ ins…