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24. Oktober 2017 Aus

EDM Sauce 2017-10-24 04:58:39

Von Scott Freedom

We’re so glad that GEA has given us more music to enjoy. ‘Butterflies’ is going to be the anthem that propels her to new heights because it seems as she is truly allowing herself to be vulnerable and speak on what’s been going on in her life. The track that we really connected with was

28. September 2017 Aus

[Album] GEA – Butterflies

Von Scott Freedom

We all need music to sit back and meditate to especially in today’s chaotic modern world. That’s why my ears perk up every time I find a quality ambient song, or even better a full album. Butterflies is 10-tracks of dreamy and peaceful sonic bliss. So check it out below and enjoy. Also watch the official music