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5. September 2018 Aus

Watch Skrillex Throw Down BANGERS At Burning Man’s Opulent Temple

Von Scott Freedom

As the days push on from the end of Burning Man we continue to see more and more footage from the incredible event. While we have already dropped a bit of coverage on Diplo’s magic journey, including a B2B with Flume as well as Skrillex’s B2B with TokiMonsta, today brings even more hot takes from

4. September 2018 Aus

Skrillex and Tokimonsta perform a B2B at Burning Man

Von Scott Freedom

No one ever knows what happens at Burning Man until after the fact. Maybe that’s the beauty of it. Now that Burning Man is officially over, we are getting looks at all the artwork, arrest counts, and of course, clips of all the performances that happen…

16. Juli 2018 Aus

Burning Man Announces new art installation, “The Orb”

Von Scott Freedom

Burning Man wins for one of the most unique music festivals to date. This year’s festival is sure to be just as grand as the rest. Every year, Burning Man embraces its out-there location with over-the-top themes and art installations. In past years, we have seen Boeing jet nightclubs, scorpion cars and more. This year,

9. April 2018 Aus

Burning Man Exhibit Arrives To The Smithsonian

Von Scott Freedom

Burning Man has officially been around for just over 3 decades and within the last few years, the event or…movement as some would like to call it has greatly risen in popularity. The week long event gives new meaning to community and artistic self expression with it’s inspiring and often thought provoking art installations. It

27. Dezember 2017 Aus

Burning Man announces details for its official 2018 ticket sale!

Von Scott Freedom

We are all super excited about next year’s Burning Man. The event is scheduled to take place from August 26th until September 3rd in Black Rock City and it’s definitely set to be a celebration to remember. Well, for those of you that want to go, the organizers have just announced details for the official […]

20. Oktober 2017 Aus

Burning Man announces its official theme for the 2018 edition!

Von Scott Freedom

Aside from the sad death of one attendee, this year’s edition of Burning Man was definitely one to remember. Well, a few months since the end of the 2017 festival, the organizers have already decided to reveal the official theme for the 2018 celebration, which is “I,ROBOT” and is based on Isaac Asimov’s popular sci-fi series […]

19. Oktober 2017 Aus

Burning Man Reveals Its 2018 Theme And We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Von Scott Freedom

Burning Man 2017 was a celebration of life, and unfortunately a mourning of life as well. One attendee passed away after running directly into the flames of the main burn on Saturday night. The community was initially shook, but after coming together, and making the decision to move forward and heal, Burning Man has announced