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13. Mai 2016 Aus

Kylie Jenner To Make Her DJ Debut at SLS Las Vegas This Month

Von Scott Freedom

This is another news article about another celebrity DJ booking gone wrong. As SLS Las Vegas tries to stay relevant, they have gone out and booked one of the Kardashian’s for her DJing debut later this month. We’re excited to welcome style icon @KylieJenner to @foxtailatsls on 5/29 for her highly anticipated DJ debut! #MDW pic.twitter.com/Ogxke6J0nw — SLS Las Vegas (@SLSLasVegas) May 12, 2016 After releasing her interesting song “Beautiful Day” last week, Kylie Jenner now has her first DJ gig as well thanks to SLS Las Vegas. Her track “Beautiful Day” was Kylie’s rap debut. The producer Burberry Perry