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25. Mai 2018 Aus

Brownies and Lemonade Uploads Unbelievable Kayzo B2B Gammer Hardcore Set

Von Scott Freedom

Brownies and Lemonade – the name is now synonymous with the absolute best of the best in EDM. The small LA-based production company and collective helped give life to some of the most exciting artists in the game today. It quickly expanded from throwing small shows and underground parties and now curates stages at festivals

31. Dezember 2017 Aus

Check out Skrillex’s incredible set from Kyoto, Japan!

Von Scott Freedom

This year, Skrillex hasn’t had that many shows. However, it looks like he has decided to end the year with a bang and has performed in Kyoto, Japan, where Brownies and Lemonade held an OWSLA showcase, for the label’s pop up store, that took place in the city over the last few days. The entire show […]

29. Dezember 2017 Aus

WATCH: Skrillex’s Full Set From The Kyoto, Japan OWSLA Showcase

Von Scott Freedom

Skrillex was a bit of a hermit in 2017 when it came to live performances. The legendary artist spent most of his time behind closed doors creating original productions for his friends and clients alike. In 2017 we saw a different side of Skrillex. An artist who focused on producing what he wanted to explore

28. Dezember 2017 Aus

How To Live Stream Skrillex’s Last Performance Of 2017

Von Scott Freedom

As we reported earlier this week, Skrillex will be performing his final show of 2017 in Kyoto, Japan in an OWSLA showcase thrown by Brownies and Lemonade. The showcase is in honor of the OWSLA pop up store which is hitting the city for a few days this week as well. Obviously when it was