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28. Mai 2019 Aus

Luke Potter Delivers New Single ‘Healing’ On Ultra Music

Von Scott Freedom

luke potter healingLuke Potter – ‘Healing‘ – UK-based singer-songwriter Luke Potter has just released ‘Healing,’ his debut single on Ultra Music. ‘Healing‘ is an emotionally evoking track, as the soft instrumentals glaze through the single, giving the track a sentimental touch. The lyrics of ‘Healing‘ are intimate and honest, coming from Luke‘s desire to write raw and […]

9. August 2018 Aus

Jafé Shares His Musical Guilty Pleasures

Von Scott Freedom

Jafé has recently released a new single titled “Her(e)” with DeModa, and their rich musical tapestry works incredibly well together. To get into the creative mind of this talented guitarist and artist, we got in touch to hear about his Musical Guilty Pleasures. 1) Britney Spears – “Toxic” I don’t care what anyone says, this

17. April 2018 Aus

VVAVES Shares Her Musical Guilty Pleasures

Von Scott Freedom

The new single from Canada’s VVAVES has left us desperate to hear more from her stunning voice. Whilst we wait for a follow up to the magnificent “Alive,” she shares her five Musical Guilty Pleasures with us. 1) Shaggy – “Angel” Shaggy was the first concert I ever went to when I was eight years

24. Mai 2017 Aus

jackLNDN Shares His Musical Guilty Pleasures

Von Scott Freedom

Known for his infectious style of deep house, this week we wanted to hear more from rising talent jackLNDN. With his latest single “Never Get Enough” still doing the rounds, he shares his Musical Guilty Pleasures. 1) Hall & Oats – “Sara Smile” One of the all time OG slow jam ballads. And a great

10. September 2016 Aus

25 Of The Best EDM Remixes Of Pop Songs

Von Scott Freedom

Even though pop music is starting to transition towards dance music in general, EDM music producers have been known to remix their favorite pop songs. Don’t believe us that pop music has been transitioning to EDM? Just take a look at Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Britney Spears’ new albums. Also have you noticed that