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31. Oktober 2016 Aus

Exclusive Interview With Rising Artist “Kapre”

Von Scott Freedom

For a while now, we have been a fan of an artist named “Boomslang X”, although recently Boomslang went through a full rebrand, and out came Kapre.  We decided to sit down with Aboudi Lahib (Kapre) and ask him about his life, the rebrand, and what he has planned.   To start out, what is

25. Oktober 2016 Aus

Kapre Makes Us Fly Away With New Single

Von Scott Freedom

Just a few weeks ago, Boomslang X announced his rebrand to “Kapre”. For a lot of artists, a rebrand can be something thats really risky to do, and its always the first song they release that really sets the tone. Kapre just released his first single under the new name, and we are excited to

21. September 2016 Aus

Boomslang X Brings You ‘Home’ With His New Single ft. Wylen

Von Scott Freedom

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Boomslang X, I’m not sure what to tell you other than you’re missing out! London, Canada local Aboudi Lahib has been one of the favourite new comers in this industry with his incredible modern songs that have a way of getting us all hooked and waiting

27. Juli 2016 Aus

Boomslang X crushed this remix of Kapslap’s “Felt This Good”

Von Scott Freedom

Boomslang X has continued to release song after song that has kept his massive fan base excited and counting down the days until the next one. With Kapslap’s remix contest of “Felt This Good” ft. M. Bronx out, we have been coming accross quite a few great remixes, but none of them have really jumped out to us quite like this one did. Boomslang X brings in the incredible vocals of “Felt This Good” with simple, yet beautiful chords.  They lead to a massive future bass drop, and just when you think it cant get any better, he introduces a

14. Juli 2016 Aus

Boomslang X & Panski – Thoughts About You (feat. Wylen)

Von Scott Freedom

Boomslang X‘s new brand continues to put out the most unique and lyrically powerful music in the scene to date! This London (Canada) native continues to release new beats once of month, successfully releasing one record after another, and compiling a massive social media following. His music is extremely unique day in and day out, and this track is no different. His newest, ‘Thoughts about you’, encapsulates future bass music, driven by ambient, meaningful breakdowns with lyrics that will blow your mind. This time around he has joined forces with Panski and Wylen for a feel-good future bass tune. An acoustic

13. Juni 2016 Aus

EDMsauce.com Premiere: Boomslang X ‘Booms Room’ EP 004

Von Scott Freedom

As a re-branding celebration announcement for previously known, ‘Boomslang’, Boomslang X has released his fourth installment of his special mix series featuring his new music, favorite tracks, and chilled out tones that inspire his creativity day in and day out. Take a listen below to this awesome installment and connect with the beautiful progressive and future bass waves Boomslang X has put together for us.