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23. August 2017 Aus

ATLiens Release ‘Alchemy’ Remixes

Von Scott Freedom

ATLiens, the dark and mysterious duo from Atlanta, have been gaining massive traction lately with their new single ‘Alchemy‘. The ominous single has been played at clubs and festivals around the world, and even received airtime from SiriusXM and BBC Radio 1. Recently, the duo reached out to some extremely talented producers and friends to curate a remix

28. Juni 2017 Aus

“Bite Me” Drops Straight GAS of a Remix to Herobusts “Vertebreaker”

Von Scott Freedom

^. .^ Youngin‘ from Chi-town is putting himself on in a BIG way. Racking up hundreds of thousands of views on his Soundcloud page for prior tracks and remix’s, “Bite Me” dropped straight Diesel Fuel of a remix to Herobust’s single “Vertebreaker” earlier this afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, the original was a banger, but,

13. Juni 2017 Aus

Bite Me Releases ‘Too Late’

Von Scott Freedom

  You’ve probably already heard of Bite Me from his remixes of ‘Red Lips‘, or ‘Supernatural‘, but if you’re late to the party, get ready, because here’s the latest release from one of the fastest rising bass producers in the scene. ‘Too Late‘ is nothing short of a show stopper. The combination of haunting vocals, and an anxious

24. Januar 2017 Aus

Boombox Cartel & QUIX- Supernatural Feat. Anjulie (Bite Me Remix)

Von Scott Freedom

Raw talent, a quality that Boombox Cartel is no short of. Since the drop of their single, “B2U” in June 2015, the pair has been on a non-stop rise to fame. Showing no signs of slowing down, they released their latest single “Supernatural”. With perfected vocals and unusual chord progressions, the Los Angeles duo’s track