Kategorie: Billy-On

22. April 2016 Aus

Destiny’s Child – Jumpin’ Jumpin’ (Billy-On Remix)

Von Scott Freedom

This minimalist remix by Billy-On has just the right amount of sauce on it, not too much nor too little. Remixing the 1999 radio friendly release by Destiny’s Child, the NYC native and musician slowly builds up the momentum of the song so by the end it’s impacted heavily with drums synths and bass. “Jumpin Jumpin” in 2016 is sounding great, give Billy-On’s latest a listen below now. Free download too!

7. März 2016 Aus

Kali Uchis – Ridin Round (Billy-On Remix)

Von Scott Freedom

Billy-On, a New York City-based producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist, just released an exciting remix of Kali Uchis’ “Ridin Round.” He says “The general theme of ‘Ridin Round’ always struck a chord with me, but the line ‘I don’t need you to survive’ was the word combo that hit home. You can only count on yourself and that’s my exact mindset right now.” Well, we’re excited to see where that mindset takes him. Give the new flip a listen below now, it goes almost as hard as Oshi’s version!