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22. September 2019 Aus

Ben Böhmer’s impending inaugural album ‚Breathing‘ set to fill our lungs this November

Von Scott Freedom

Berlin-based producer, live instrumentalist and Anjunadeep mainstay Ben Böhmer has cued fans in that his debut artist album ‚Breathing‘ is well underway, expected to fill lungs and delivered to ears by Anjunadeep the 22nd of November.  The progressive dance aficionado continues to spice and season his skill, exploring methods to unleash his music to audiences in both […]

5. April 2019 Aus

Album Review: James Hersey – Inneverse

Von Scott Freedom

James Hersey has enchanted us for years with his alluring vocals and infectious singles, whisking us off to far away worlds- tropical, dreamy and perpetually in season. But this year, he’s decided to take us on a different journey: he’s bringing us hom…

2. Juni 2016 Aus

Finesse Your Way Into Berghain Club with VR Simulator

Von Scott Freedom

At one point or another, we have all experienced the struggle of finessing your way past the bouncer at your respective city’s hottest club. Well, Berlin’s Berghain Club — called “The Secret, Sex-Fueled World of Techno’s Coolest Club” by Rolling Stone — supposedly takes skills on another level to gain entry. Thus, a third party has created a simulator for you to practice and prepare yourself for the real deal. On BerghainTrainer.com, use your webcam for facial recognition to test your body language for levels of various emotions as you walk through the club’s queue and approach the bouncer. Eventually