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4. Juni 2019 Aus

Someone recreated Berghain in Minecraft

Von Scott Freedom

Sadly, there’s no virtual Marcel Dettmann. If you’ve never made it past the bouncers at Berghain, you can now take a virtual tour of the Berlin club – in Minecraft. As CDM notes, the “strangely accurate” recreation of the club (which was originally posted to the r/techno subreddit) features toilets, coat check, Berghain, Säule and […]

7. Februar 2019 Aus

Vatican Shadow to helm next instalment of Berghain mix series Berghain 09

Von Scott Freedom

Featuring exclusive tracks from Genesis P-Orridge, Merzbow and Ron Morelli. Vatican Shadow, AKA Dominick Fernow, will helm the latest instalment of Berghain’s ongoing mix series. Berghain 09 will be released as a free download and accompanied by a double 12″ vinyl featuring exclusive tracks from industrial originator Genesis P-Orridge, as well as Virile Games, Los Angeles […]

3. August 2016 Aus

A Festival Created A Mini Berghain Just To Deny People At The Door

Von Scott Freedom

The Netherland’s Beyond Festival staged an on-site installation called ‘Berghenk.’ Berghenk is a miniature replica of Berlin’s famous club Berghain. The purpose of Berghenk though? To deny people from entering the ‘club.’ Fans at Beyond Festival anxiously waited to get into Berghenk, only to be denied every single time. Berghenk’s model was purposely let zero attendees inside, while attendees would hear the dark techno blasting from inside its wall. Beyond Festival even gave step-by-step instructions on how to take on your own Berghenk experience. 1. Stand in line 2. Get rejected 3. Go back to stand in line 4. Get