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14. Juni 2018 Aus

Bells and Robes – Jackal and the Moon

Von Scott Freedom

Bells and Robes are an up and coming duo based out of Atlanta who are making really incredible music. Formed in 2012, the group aims to bring listeners into their own world by combining lush synth work reminiscent of Flume, organic textures and percussion a la Bonobo, and a flare for abstract styles like Flying

13. Mai 2016 Aus

Bells and Robes – Duality (Feat. Swain) [Free DL]

Von Scott Freedom

“Duality” is the third single off of Bells and Robes forthcoming EP How Could We Have Known?. The relaxing hip-hop and chill electronic combinatino of sounds takes its listeners on a psychedelic ride that molds together various genres and it’s quite a sonic journey. Swain killed his verse on this one, listen and download “Duality” by Bells and Robes below, Enjoy!

24. April 2016 Aus

Bells and Robes – How Could We Have Known? [Free DL]

Von Scott Freedom

This song is one of the most chill of the week, no doubt. The single shares the same name as the twosome’s forthcoming project, “How Could We Have Known”. Bells and Robes use a vibrant sound design, molding together various random samples compiling together a futuristic tripped out sound that will have you feeling like you’re in outer space. Light up and turn up the volume to “How Could We Have Known” by Bells and Robes, you’ll enjoy it!