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11. Mai 2016 Aus

Krewella Release Second Song Off Their New Album, ‘Broken Record’

Von Scott Freedom

Krewella has had quite a tough season. After Kris Trindl ‘Rainman’ left the group back in the 2015, the Yousaf sisters faced quite the backlash from the community about his abrupt departure. Many blamed the sisters for Kris’ decision to leave and suffered massive amounts of online bullying and persecution. Now one year later, the Yousaf sisters are ready to get back in the game with the release of their album ‘Ammunition.’ In addition to this new album, Krewella is ready to embark on the “SWEATBOX” tour that will consist of 16 dates in small to large venues. With Krewella’s

29. April 2016 Aus

Krewella Leaves The Haters Behind With Their New Track ‘Beggars’

Von Scott Freedom

The Chicago-bred duo Krewella is back in action after uploading a Kanye-like video to Facebook last night where they will be introducing their new Krewella style today. “Beggars” is Krewella’s first track from their sophomore EP ‘Ammunition’ and only their 3rd song release in two years. Krewella stated that “this song has been on a 3 year journey. It started in LA in 2013, we wrote more for it in Australia in 2014, we almost gave up on the song in 2015, but then somewhere along the way Beggars found itself in the UK in the hands of the remarkably