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18. November 2017 Aus

[Music Video] Kazy Lambist – Be Yourself

Von Scott Freedom

The new music video for Kazy Lambist’s single “Be Yourself” is impressive to say the least. The rising house producer chooses sunning visuals and wildly creative sets. They complement his ethereal sound perfectly. All around it’s super creative and “Be Yourself” is a stellar song in it’s own right. Check it out right here!

26. August 2017 Aus

Paris & Simo ft. Karen Harding – Come As You Are

Von Scott Freedom

Paris & Simo have just released a new track titled “Come As You Are.” This new track will give you the confidence to go out into the world and be who you truly are. Karen Harding’s vocals really sympathize the track, promoting the message that you will be accepted for the person you were always

2. August 2017 Aus

Kazy Lambist – Be Yourself (Extended Mix)

Von Scott Freedom

This new song by producer Kazy Lambist has a super refreshing sound. “Be Yourself” is at a chill house tempo and the vocals are delivered in a laid back style. All while the depth of songwriting and production keep you engaged and the energy high. So peep Kazy Lambist’s newest, all around a very enjoyable