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7. Juli 2017 Aus

[Exclusive Interview] Flux Pavilion

Von Scott Freedom

Standing on the second level balcony of the Hollywood Palladium, I had a birds-eye view of the jam-packed floor, with hundreds of fans spilling over into the concourse area, all headbanging and dancing to the beat of the music. Ahead of me, mesmerizing…

20. Juni 2016 Aus

Basspod literally caught fire during EDC Las Vegas!

Von Scott Freedom

The 20th anniversary of Electric Daisy Carnival has just ended a few hours ago and we’ll definitely remember this one for a long time. The festival had some great artists, incredible music, out of this world stage designs and many more great things, but it looks like during day 2 of the event, not everything […]

19. Juni 2016 Aus

One Of The Structures At EDC Las Vegas Caught On Fire

Von Scott Freedom

With Electric Daisy Carnival well under way, it seems that not everything is going to plan. During Andy C’s set last night at around 2:30am, one of the structures near the BassPOD stage went up in flames. The structures that we are referring to come complete with pyro cannons, but while the flame is supposed to spit out flames, this one unfortunately was engulfed by the flames. Right after excision, Andy C played BASSPOD and IT CAUGHT FIRE 🙀 pic.twitter.com/aOH4XPEtUP — Wonder Woman➡️EDC LV (@Wonder_kittenn) June 19, 2016 When Basspod is literally too lit and it starts on fire pic.twitter.com/Tj8kXQ9x68