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25. Oktober 2017 Aus

EDM Sauce Interview with Insomniac’s, Bonnie X Clyde

Von Scott Freedom

DJ/Producers, Bonnie X Clyde, have really broken through the EDM Scene this upcoming year. From releasing their most popular single, Bass Jam, to being signed to one of the most popular record labels, Insomniac Recordings, this DJ duo has truly taken the world by storm. Bonnie X Clyde consists of two incredible artists; these artists

24. Februar 2017 Aus

BONNIE X CLYDE Releases ‘Bass Jam’ [Out Now]

Von Scott Freedom

The unity of two creates a tenacious entity of one. Two people coming together to form the identity of BONNIE X CLYDE are in the limelight, classifying as one of the top acts in today’s music industry. Bonnie being one of few women in the dance music industry, Clyde pairs with her perfectly, bringing on