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28. Mai 2017 Aus

Listen to Nicky Romero’s 5 Years of Protocol Special Episode

Von Scott Freedom

Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings is one of the most popular record labels in the dance music scene. Recently, the music label has reached its fifth year since the beginning of its production. In celebration of this great achievement, Nicky Romero has released a special podcast that features the label’s best tracks and brand new music.

14. Juli 2016 Aus

Witness Shares Her Story Regarding DVBBS Incident Involving 3 Girls

Von Scott Freedom

As the incident regarding DVBBS at Balaton Festival continues to reveal itself, a new eyewitness has coming forward sharing her side of the story against the Canadian DJ duo. As Hungarian authorities continue to investigate the situation, an eyewitness has come forward after the news went viral earlier this week. She said that “everyone knows that girls go into the dressing rooms to sleep with the stars, but they (the girls) are not like that.” She said that they originally just wanted to take photos with DVBBS and because there were so many of the girls there, they did not