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28. April 2016 Aus

This Was One Of Deadmau5’s Earliest Song Releases

Von Scott Freedom

Before Joel Zimmerman became known as the moniker ‘Deadmau5,’ Joel produced tracks with his friend Steve Duda under the electric duo alias B.S.O.D. ‘Blue Screen of Death.’ Don’t believe us? Check out this awesome screenshot of B.S.O.D’s MySpace page below: One of B.S.O.D’s most popular songs “This Is The Hook” was released by Play Digital on October 25th, 2006. While it hasn’t been confirmed for this track, Deadmau5 was well-known to use the voice synthesizers in his songs by using Mac’s text to speech “Ralph preset.” Stream B.S.O.D’s “This Is The Hook” below: Just remember: “It’s catchy, you like it.”