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16. September 2017 Aus

Azad – MOTTOLA [Official Music Video]

Von Scott Freedom

Azad has been steadily building up his name and I’ve got to say that he’s got consistency. The LA rapper has been delivering quality songs for some time, his distinct flow and smooth voice almost always impress. Today we not only got a new song but also a dope video where Azad is out rapping on the streets and it’s overlaid with some

15. August 2017 Aus

Azad – “Enough of You” (Karnaval Blues Remix)

Von Scott Freedom

We just got a bunch of remixes for Azad’s “Enough of You.” You can head over to his Soundcloud page to hear them all. But the rising producer, Karnaval’s version stood out. He takes the already laid back track and brings it into a more dreamy headspace that really complements Azad’s rapping. Check this out!

4. Juli 2017 Aus

Azad – Special (Sifu Remix)

Von Scott Freedom

Los Angeles rapper/hip hop artist Azad has put out some hits in his time. The 2016 record ‘A Very Emotional EP‘ was a huge success and now we’re lucky enough to get a string of remixes from a few choice producers. There’s a couple other flips out alongside this on Azad’s Soundcloud page. But this wavy remix of “Special” by Sifu really stood out.