Avicii’s documentary “True Stories” will be playing in several theaters this December!

Avicii’s “True Stories” documentary will be coming to select theaters this Christmas season. As you might know, a few days ago it was revealed that the producer’s documentary was to be considered for a 2019 Oscar nomination. Well, for a film to be eligible for this award, it must “have played in an L.A. County […]

Avicii Documentary for Oscar Consideration

Last week, I posted about how the Avicii documentary could be coming back. The documentary was pulled from Netflix shortly after the artist’s death. Now, the documentary is qualified for Oscar consideration. Director and producer Levan Tsikurishvili took to Instagram to share what the qualification means to him and everyone involved with the film. “This documentary hasn’t

Could The Avicii Documentary Be Coming Back?

Once upon a time, there was a documentary about Avicii called True Stories that you could find on Netflix. The documentary showed the hectic life of the world famous DJ, from touring to his health problems. Shortly after the DJ’s death, the documentary had been removed from Netflix and hasn’t returned yet. But today, the producer of True Stories posted

Mike Posner Reveals He Has Unreleased Vocals Avicii Had Him Record For ‘Levels’

Mike Posner is most well known for his hit record, ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza‘. In the instant dance classic that was famously remixed by Seeb to create a radio hit, Posner mentions Avicii by name. The duo apparently had a strong relationship and used to work with each other on tracks fairly frequently.

Watch Barcelona Pay Tribute To Avicii With Fireworks During Their Annual City Festival

La Mercè Festival takes place every September in Barcelona, Spain. While the festival is a celebration of the city’s patron saint it has developed over the years into one of Spain’s largest and most impressive city festivals. This year during the Fireworks festival portion of La Mercè Festival, the city paid tribute Avicii. Tim Berg,