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27. Juli 2018 Aus

Arty Releases The Touching Avicii Tribute Track – ‘Tim’

Von Scott Freedom

It is really hard to believe that it has already been three months since Avicii tragically passed away. During the time since his passing, we have seen dozens of inspiring and heartfelt tributes. These have ranged from flashmob style gatherings complete with acapella performances to awe-inspiring displays from the largest festival stages in the world.

19. Juni 2018 Aus

Arty Pays Tribute to Avicii in New Song

Von Scott Freedom

Arty revealed a new song last night in tribute to Avicii called “For Tim” at Bassmnt. It has been almost two months since the world-famous artist’s death. Since then, artists from all genres have been paying tribute to the star in different ways. Multiple EDM artists have remixed or tributed songs to Avicii during shows