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11. April 2017 Aus

Take a Look Inside the Gorillaz Mansion in New App

Von Scott Freedom

Ever wondered what’s inside the Gorillaz Mansion? What exactly do the band members do on their free time? Prepare to be amazed because the Gorillaz have just launched an app for both IPhone and Android users that allows you to observe their mysterious …

21. März 2017 Aus

Move Over Instagram, Apple Introduces Apple Clips Social Video App

Von Scott Freedom

Move over Instagram and Snapchat, Apple has officially entered the  social-video app space with the introduction of their new app, Clips. Apple’s Clips will be made available for Apple iPhone and iPad users and will as a separate app from the existing camera app. According to Apple, “Clips recognizes who’s in your videos and makes

4. Mai 2016 Aus

Moog’s Limited Edition $10,000 Synth Is Now Available as a $30 iOS app

Von Scott Freedom

Moog is best known for its groundbreaking work developing an analog synth back in the 1960s. Moog produced the handmade Moog 15 from 1972 to 1981 and priced it out at $10,000. Today, Moog announced that it will recreate the synthesizer to be included as an iOS app for the low cost of just $30. Moog says that you will receive more than 160 presets to play with, a traditional Moog on-screen keyboard, a real-time looping recorder, a delay module and the ability to patch cables and create unique sounds. Check out the Moog 15 iOS app below: