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27. Januar 2018 Aus

The Cranberries- Zombie (AMERA remix)

Von Scott Freedom

With the news that Dolores O’Riordan, iconic front woman of The Cranberries, had passed away, we were all shocked and saddened. She was an inspiration to so many, both inside and outside of the music world. AMERA is a band we’ve been eyeing who have some serious musical taste and talent. They’ve decided to release

31. Dezember 2017 Aus


Von Scott Freedom

A live electronica band that hits this hard is rare to come by. A new music video for the song “Connected” is how we were introduced to AMERA, the video is shot in LA and is quite cool, check it out here. The song was what really impressed us so we had to share. It’s D&B done right with insane percussion