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16. Mai 2018 Aus

GunFight – Herculean Waves EP

Von Scott Freedom

The Austin based multi-genre musician, GunFight, recently blew me away with his “Herculean Waves” EP. As the name would suggest, the producer poured a Herculean effort into this piece, cultivating six solid tracks that span sounds from dubstep, house, pop and punk. Each track offers a delightful new soundscape to explore. With tune’s like “Woe”

8. Mai 2018 Aus

Marinksy – Ain’t Got No Blues (feat. Kieran)

Von Scott Freedom

Marinsky’s “Ain’t Got No Blues” is a funk filled house track that has been blasting through my speakers all weekend. Reminiscent of the late Avicci’s (RIP) tune “Wake Me Up,” Marinksy feature country blues vocals from Kieran that build into unstoppable baselines and groovy guitar riffs. Time and again French electronic artists from Le Marcus