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4. April 2018 Aus

What We Learned From Alison Wonderland’s Reddit AMA

Von Scott Freedom

Alison Wonderland is one of the most exciting producers in the game right now. The singles from her new album have beautifully demonstrated her range as a producer. The Aussie is capable of taking on several different styles and creating some of the most captivating and refreshing tunes we have heard in quite some time.

29. August 2017 Aus

5 Things We Learned From Tchami’s Ask Me Anything On Reddit

Von Scott Freedom

Tchami, fresh off the release of his “Revelations” EP decided to stop over on r/electronicmusic on Reddit and do his 1st ever “Ask Me Anything”. This is a welcome site to Tchami fans as he isn’t very vocal on social media nor does he do a lot of interviews, so to get answers from the

24. Mai 2017 Aus

Summer Set Music Festival Will Have An AMA Tonight

Von Scott Freedom

If you’re from the Midwest, or looking for a new festival to try this summer, Summer Set Music Festival is one you should consider.  The festival offers a great lineup of EDM, Hip Hop, and jam bands.  If you’d like to know more about the festival, you can check out the festival’s website, or tune

2. März 2017 Aus

All The /r/edm AMA’s Coming Up and What You Should Ask

Von Scott Freedom

Reddit is a freaking goldmine of information on basically any topic you could ever desire. AMA’s or ‘ask me anything‘ (if you are just now getting on the internet for the first time) are when a person, who has some kind of interesting or unusual detail about their life, allows anyone too ask them anything.

26. Mai 2016 Aus

Laidback Luke says that he is “ashamed of DJ standards nowadays”!

Von Scott Freedom

Recently, Laidback Luke hosted his very own AMA on Reddit, where fans were able to ask him everything they wanted, with their questions being about a bunch of different topics, going from music festivals, production advices to the DJs of today’s dance music industry. As always, the music producer didn’t hold back and said exactly […]

20. Januar 2016 Aus

Billboard Dance’s Matt Medved Answered Questions on Reddit, and Here Are Some Highlights

Von Scott Freedom

It’s not often that normal folk like you and I have the opportunity to interact with celebrities, artists, authors, and more firsthand. This disconnect between these two camps is what makes ’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) function so popular – normal people can go in and ask questions, and whoever is conducting the AMA is expected the answer the questions truthfully. These AMAs often making for great reading, as celebrities take the opportunity to share their experiences in an informational, and sometimes controversial, manner. Last week, Billboard Dance’s editor, Matt Medved, hosted a live AMA on the r/electronicmusic subreddit.