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22. März 2018 Aus

The Chainsmokers Are Sitting On 6 Unreleased Songs For Ultra 2018

Von Scott Freedom

Since becoming the King of Remixes in their early years, Drew and Alex of The Chainsmokers have brought an insane vibe to the EDM scene. People can say they are ruining Dance Music all they want, but, their takeover cannot go unnoticed. Their “Memories Do Not Open” Album just won IDMA’s Album of the Year

19. Februar 2017 Aus

The Chainsmokers Release Stacked Paris Remix EP

Von Scott Freedom

One thing that The Chainsmokers excel at is releasing consistently catchy and amazing tunes. While that is undoubtedly true they are even better at drawing amazing talent to remix their songs. For the ‘Paris‘ remix EP they enlist the talents of, VINAI, LOUDPVCK, Pegboard Nerds, Jewelz & Sparks, Party Thieves, and FKYA to share their takes