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19. Juli 2018 Aus

The Chainsmokers Have New Music On The Way

Von Scott Freedom

The Chainsmokers cannot seem to stay out of the spotlight. Over recent years, the American DJ Duo have taken over the world with their pop drop sound that has captivated all walks of life. The sound that helped to build the EDM brand was cemented when they duo dropped their “Memories Do Not Open” Album

22. März 2018 Aus

The Chainsmokers Are Sitting On 6 Unreleased Songs For Ultra 2018

Von Scott Freedom

Since becoming the King of Remixes in their early years, Drew and Alex of The Chainsmokers have brought an insane vibe to the EDM scene. People can say they are ruining Dance Music all they want, but, their takeover cannot go unnoticed. Their “Memories Do Not Open” Album just won IDMA’s Album of the Year

12. Februar 2018 Aus

The Chainsmokers Tease More New Music in Prague “Eveybody Hates Me”

Von Scott Freedom

Currently touring Europe, The Chainsmokers have continued to experiment with their new “band” sound. At a recent show in Prague, the duo played all of the recent hits including the most recent pop track “Sick Boy”. In addition to the latest hits, they have been experimenting new songs. Most notably, “Everybody Hates Me” (ID). The

9. Oktober 2017 Aus

The Chainsmokers Prank Tommy Hilfiger Shoppers

Von Scott Freedom

Ever since The Chainsmokers became the face of the men’s fall campaign for Tommy Hilfiger, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers have become a bit more stylish. To commemorate their new fashion careers, The Chainsmokers teamed up with Fuckjerr…

20. September 2016 Aus

Watch Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers Accidently Fall Off The Stage

Von Scott Freedom

The life of a DJ is sometimes harder than it looks. During the Kaaboo Del Mar music festival this past weekend, The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall took a tumble while performing his DJ set. The “Closer” songmaker didn’t seem phased when he fell, and later tweeted “Lol for the record I am okay and tougher than