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29. Juni 2017 Aus

AIRWAV Brings The Bass In His Debut EP Titled ‘Vivid’

Von Scott Freedom

AIRWAV Debuts his first EP titled ‘Vivid‘. Setting himself apart with a combination of funky smooth melodies and surrealistic acoustics, he takes listeners on a journey through the vast unknown with his raw and dark overtones. First gathering fans with a release like “do u remember?” which has over a million streams, this EP is a solid follow up

2. Juni 2016 Aus

Andrew Luce Unveils Daruma Vol. 7 Featuring Sumthin Sumthin, Graves, and More

Von Scott Freedom

As an Avid supporter of my generation, life, love, and music, I present to you the kids who are really inspiring each other, and the rest of the world with their fresh new ideas; taking music to new heights each and every day. I’m talking about the young Andrew Luce, and his collective Daruma. Today the collective dropped Vol. 7 in it’s compilation series, including familiars to the brand such as hati, AIRWAV and Graves, and fresh new faces like Sumthin Sumthin, who we premiered a track for last month. Be sure to take your time to Check out the