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19. Mai 2016 Aus

Why 2016 Is Shaping Up To Be Felix Jaehn’s Biggest Year Yet

Von Scott Freedom

Felix Jaehn may only be 21-years-old, but what he lacks in age, he more than makes up for with his talent in the studio and behind the decks. The Hamburg native took a bit of an unexpected path on his way to reaching success, as he started out as a classically trained violinist from a young age. As he moved into his teenage years, Jaehn was involved in both youth orchestra and sports, and he eventually quit playing the violin to focus on playing sports before a twist of fate brought DJing into his life and inspired him to re-focus

12. Mai 2016 Aus

Steve Aoki’s latest music video has caused quite a controversy!

Von Scott Freedom

Recently, Steve Aoki unveiled the music video for his collaboration with Adam Lambert and Felix Jaehn, “Can’t Go Home”, that featured a chimpanzee who is looking back on his career and then, when he meets a girl, they travel from one location to the other. Everything was going fine, until a few days ago, when […]

5. April 2016 Aus

Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn – Can’t Go Home ft. Adam Lambert

Von Scott Freedom

Now this is a collaboration that we never saw coming. Dance music may be the one genre where unexpected collaborations are the norm, more than they are a surprise, and every so often, two producers on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum team up on a track that dazzles, but who would have thought Steve Aoki, the cake throwing Dim Mak label head, would team up with the tropical house maestro, Felix Jaehn, and Adam Lambert on a track titled “Can’t Go Home.” Steve Aoki is best known for his high-energy brand of electro house, but he’s shed his