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5. Oktober 2019 Aus

How To Make Future Bass: 9 Simple Steps

Von Scott Freedom

Future Bass is undoubtedly the biggest genre in EDM right now. It has virally infiltrated a lot of pop music. …
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10. Juli 2019 Aus

Ableton Loop returns to new Berlin venue in 2020

Von Scott Freedom

Loop moves to Berlin’s Silent Green venue next April. Loop, Ableton’s “summit for music-makers”, will return to Berlin next year at a new venue following a visit to Los Angeles in 2018. Loop 2020 will take place across April 24-26 at Silent Green, a crematorium turned arts venue in Berlin’s Wedding neighborhood. Previous Berlin editions […]

25. Juni 2019 Aus

Ableton’s new website will teach you the basics of synthesis

Von Scott Freedom

From amplitude to LFOs. In 2017, Ableton launched a website called Learning Music, which taught the basics of making music in a DAW. Its follow-up, Learning Synths, is an interactive set of lessons that teach the principles of synthesis. The interactive site can be used in desktop and mobile browsers, and is easy enough for […]

28. Mai 2019 Aus

Ableton releases Live 10.1

Von Scott Freedom

With user wavetables, new devices and more. Ableton has released Live 10.1. Ableton’s first major update to Live 10 arrives 15 months after its initial release, adding a number of requested features such as user wavetables for its new Wavetable instrument and fresh automation features. Live 10.1 also adds a few handy new devices, including […]

27. März 2019 Aus

How To Make Lo-fi Hip Hop: 5 Easy Steps

Von Scott Freedom

Ever seen those ’24/7 lo-fi hip hop beats to chill/study/relax to’ streams? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Because …
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6. Februar 2019 Aus

Ableton adds user wavetables, new EQ and delay tools for Live 10.1

Von Scott Freedom

Live 10’s first major update is coming soon. Ableton has outlined the features that will be arriving in Live 10.1, the first major update to Live 10 since the DAW was released last year. The update, which is free for Live 10 owners, adds improvements for Live’s newest instrument, Wavetable, alongside two new audio effects, […]

19. Februar 2018 Aus

DAW Software: The Ultimate Guide To Determine What’s Best For You

Von Scott Freedom

Throughout the past 50 years, music production software has changed the face of music as we know it. When digital audio workstations (DAW) came into the marketplace, mixing, editing, and audio recording was forever changed. Since the initial introduction of DAWs, the workstations have gone through some incredible upgrades and enhancements throughout the years. So

17. November 2017 Aus

Point Blank Music School Shows How To Make A Song In Ableton Live 10

Von Scott Freedom

Even though it’s been five years since its last update, Ableton is ready to kick off its newest software with the long-awaited Ableton 10. To show off the new features of Ableton 10, Point Blank Music School’s lead course developer Ski Oakenfull gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the new program. Point Blank shows “some

15. November 2017 Aus

Ableton Announces Live 10, Its First Update Since 2013

Von Scott Freedom

Earlier this month, Ableton announced Live 10, the successor to Live 9 which came out back in 2013. For the new edition of Ableton, the popular music production software is introducing four new plugins, such as Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss, and Pedal. The Wavetable plugin is a synthesizer will be “immediately playable,” while the Echo

26. Mai 2016 Aus

Listen To A Comical Live Prank Call to Ableton Tech Support

Von Scott Freedom

Ableton Tech Receives Call Of His Life Somebody over at Ableton recently had an incredibly stressful situation after having to solve a misfiring “Launch Pad” during a DJ’s live set… Well,  at least that’s what the thought they were doing. DJ Skull Vomit, otherwise known as Tony Welter from Antwerp, made a prank call of epic proportions a few days ago, misleading some poor and unsuspecting technician to deal with the stresses of a live audience. Not much is known about the GrindCore producer, other than that he has a fairly large following and has a playlist solely dedicated to