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11. März 2016 Aus

Deadmau5 takes a jab at SiriusXM for ripping one of his latest demos!

Von Scott Freedom

A few days ago, Deadmau5 uploaded on his Soundcloud channel a stunning 9 minute progressive house track, with no intent to actually release it in stores, on the radio etc. However, it seems like the guys from SiriusXM didn’t get the memo, because apparently, they ripped it and started playing it on their radio station. […]

10. März 2016 Aus

Deadmau5 Calls Out SiriusXM For Ripping His Unreleased Demo

Von Scott Freedom

Deadmau5 doesn’t seem to be all too pleased with SiriusXM after a stunt they pulled earlier this morning. Apparently SiriusXM decided to rip Deadmau5’s latest upload “4ware” and play it on their radio channel. i wonder who at @SIRIUSXM decides „eh sure, its okay to just rip a 64kbps souncloud demo and put it in circulation“… hello? — dead mow cinco (@deadmau5) March 10, 2016 Soon other people began to chime in and share that even they heard Deadmau5’s brand new 9-minute long track on the radio. @deadmau5 @SIRIUSXM lmao you weren’t joking. They’re actually playing it pic.twitter.com/OuHqbUdaOT — RYLANTAGGART